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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pre Unit 650 Project Up For Grabs

 1961 TR6 Bobber Project For Sale

My good mate Cliff has just mailed and says his Trumpet has gotta go!
Sad news to me as it's destined to be a great bike, but unfortunately in this shitty ol' world we live in some things just have to be dealt with.

The details are all you could ask for to start a build;

  • Fully rebuilt 1961 650 Trophy motor
  • Brand new unstamped TFMW Duplex frame
  • Rebuilt swinging arm gearbox
  • Sportster front end, shortened by 2"
  • 21" Front wheel
  • Ribbed rear muddie
and a rake of small bits, 85 - 90% complete I'd say, minor work to complete as the adverts say.

It's got to be worth 4 Grand to somebody who's looking for a good start on a genuine pre unit.

Collection from Luton.

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