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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pre Unit Triumph - Must Have Accessory

Never seen or heard of one of these, which ain't unusual, but neither had Geoff and that is. First spotted in the '57 Tri-Cor catalogue, it's an obvious improvement...........once you've seen it of course..........and good any any pre-unit. Anyways up, about a week later I'm sifting through the US Bay of Doom and lo and behold, there they are! Repro of course but really nicely made and polished, a satisfying thing to have in ya hand, so to speak.
The guy does not sell into England through the Bay, but it's OK through his web shop so get over there, but keep it on the QT and you'll be the envy of all your chums in the Summer.
Oh, ignore the buck 85 , that don't count any more!


  1. that guy has some really nice quality items in his shop.Ace classic in Sarf London supplied me with mine some time ago,not in the polished finish though.The postage and the very enthusiastic tax man & the outrageous post office handling fee(£13.50 for £11.10 of VAT the latest one!!)make Stateside shopping an expensive hobby!!

  2. Amen on that brother! Sometimes though the part just has to justify the grief.
    Rather be holding the bit and thinkin' about the money than vice versa.