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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Triumph Tiger 100 Or Not?

More like a Tiger 5T 

Scored this a few months ago, Tiger 100 on a set of alternator 5T cases, the numbers have been massaged so the crank cases are no good even if they are good. 

On the upside it's a big bearing motor, hence the ask for a set of mid/late fifties Tiger 100 cases a few posts ago. Externally the head and barrels look workable, but it may be on +0.060 and -0.040 won't know that 'til we have her to bits, but that's not until a new set o' cases are to hand

Looks like it's seen a bit of action in it's life.
Odd to see the distributor set up on there.

Big Bearing Tiger 100 cases still required folks.

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