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Monday, 13 May 2013

JoMo Rep Tiger 100 For Sale !!!!!

Call me old Old Fashioned, but I can't really see what more a bloke wants out of a bike than this here. So much fun ya gotta grin to get it in, you've seen it and heard it running a couple of posts down, and as luck may have it, it's up FOR SALE

If you're in the market for a pre-unit Triumph and have got the readies NOW, then in my humble opinion it's worth pursuing to the end.

Enough of the hard sell already, rather than me retype what's Chris has already written here's the description from The Bay of Doom.

Triumph T100R Special.
Pre-unit tiger 100 engine fitted into a ex WD 1944 3HW Triumph frame. A good flattrack frame giving good ground clearance and a short wheel base. Also a good steering head angle that makes the steering very sharp.
Also notice I angled the engine forwards slightly in new alloy engine plates.
Complete engine rebuild just completed under 100 miles ago, so still running in. Fitted with new standard size liners and 7.5:1 pistons.
Brand new cams and followers fitted. New shells fitted to a standard large journal crankshaft. New rods were also fitted. New ball main bearings fitted. New Morgo oil pump and a new lip type oil seal timing cover conversion.
Also fitted a reconditioned manual BTH magneto.
Twin carb conversion.
The lights are running total loss as there is no dynamo fitted, just using the brake light the battery will last forever on a charge. If you start using the headlight you will only get about 20 mins before blackout.
19" Dunlop rims fitted and shod with new old stock Dunlop and John Bull tyres. 8" piecrust front hub and scalloped front brake.
I built this bike over 2 years using top quality new old stock and hard to find period parts. No repro bits were used it's all genuine tackle. For example genuine Amal racing levers not those cheap and nasty monkey metal imitations hawked around by every autojumble Johnny. Also the extra long genuine Amal advance retard lever. The more you look the more you will see on this bike.
Also the entire primary drive is new. Including a full alloy competition clutch. Chains are all brand new Renolds.
New sealed front wheel bearings fitted.
Built in homage to the 1954 T100RR.
Take a look at this bike on You Tube. The film footage was taken on the first day of completion.

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