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Monday, 13 May 2013

Rear Wheel.........................Sorted!

Notice the cut axle plate, more scars from a previous life.

About 10 days ago I posted the previous back wheel, showing the cracks down the centre of the Morad rim. I phoned the guy who supplied it and he said send it back, well I didn't send it, I took it back the other day. He was genuinely shocked when he saw it, his second in command took me aside and said "He will go ballistic after you leave" doesn't want his name attached to bad quality, even if it's not his fault.

It was a good job I went, rather than have a new rim fitted to the KTM hub and still have the inherent problems with the brake anchor, I came away with this hub and D.I.D. rim. Much better, this has got a flat brake plate and adaptable anchor setup, the great slab of boiler plate you can see hanging down was already on there, but it's eminently workable now.

This hub is aluminium rather than magnesium as the KTM one was, but it's smaller, neater and all around better looking.

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  1. Hello. Great blog, great post ! Do you know from where this hub is coming ? I've the same on a MX Faber T100 I bought recently and which need some works and love. So I'm interested to know its make.
    Many thanks for your answer ; herve.saigne@hotmail.fr
    I also a "bike" blog so you can have a look: mecaniqueetconvictions.blogspot