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Monday, 19 August 2013

Triumph T100C For Sale

Y'all know how it goes, something's gotta go when something new turns up. Markus is offering up his sweet unit T100 Bobber  to make way for something a little different. Here's the lowdown;

Fully rebuilt T100c Engine (Reground Crank, All Bearings, New Clutch and Rebuilt Gearbox, all vapor blasted, powdered or Nickel'd)
Hand Milled Timing cover showing Nickel Clutch
Fully rebuilt Forks (New stanchions, bushes, de-lugged fork bottoms, MCM shrouds, de-seamed yokes, new fork seals and holders - all coppered, polished and nickel'd)
Fully rebuilt wheels - reconditioned hubs, stainless spokes, stainless rims, avon front Firestone rear
Factory Metal Works hard tail - all mounts and sissy bar made by barons
Semi de-seamed and restored fuel tank
Pill style Nickel Oil Tank
Maund Speed licence plate holder
After Hours Choppers Tail Light
HD Parts Seat
Hippy Killer Pegs and Grips
Every Nut, Bolt Washer Nickel plated
Electronic ignition
Brand new Amal mono-block Carb
Cloth wired or hidden in frame
New Battery
10 Months MOT
Excellent Condition with only a few very minor chips to paint in tank - but I can get this redone if required for cost
Registered as a 350 - just needs engine updating on V5

Markus is open to discussion on price, and from what I understand it's a good price for what's on offer here.

if it floats your boat.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Stolen IronHead

Posted on D.T.F.P.

Some scumbag has just stolen my mates ironhead chopper, It was taken some time today from Port Dundas in Glasgow, Scotland, it's a 79 sporty with a weld on hardtail, repop springers, please can you repost this where ever you are, even if you are not in the U.K people here still read your blogs, if you get offered this bike or any part of it please contact me on 07913325297. We want it back

Triumph - Rocker Revival

Rocker boxes almost ready to go on, decided on a light buff job rather than the full show polish, looks more purposeful. The bolt and stud bosses have been spot faced for a flatter fit. New Old Stock rocker spindles of the later type, with "O" rings are now fitted.

Rockers lightened and polished to balance the weights between the components, it is recommended in some quarters to reduce the diameter of the arm ends much more than this but discretion won the day in this case. The Thackeray washers are out and have been replaced by 1/8" thick wood saw arbor spacers, kindly sent over by Bill "Boomer" Brown of Portland Oregon.

Rocker caps drilled and fitted with vented breather plugs, these came from a hydraulic fittings company and are used to vent small hydraulic tanks. The ones behind are sintered pneumatic exhaust breathers, second choice and plan B if the others don't flow enough air.

Some people say that this modification is a waste of time due to sucking as much air in as they allow out. Any pressure created by the bottom end by the pumping action will be above atmospheric pressure, any air that is drawn in cannot be above 14.7 p.s.i. (atmospheric pressure) so it's got to be good, I think! Anyway oil leaks are created by pressurised oil looking for a way out, this mod should help alleviate that problem.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Epsom Salt

Pete, along with the Baron and his band o' trusty buddies are off to do battle at Bonneville at the BUB Speed Week.  They intend to have a crack at the A-PF and/or the A/PG 650 records ,A stands for special construction class i.e. purpose built frame, and P stands for pushrod, F for fuel and G for gas (petrol).  For gas class you have to use the fuels supplied on the salt by ERC, it comes in several octanes, outside that you are automatically in the fuel class whatever you use. 
Current records stand at 123.814mph and 126.976mph set by Keith Martin's  Big D Cycle.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Texas Tiger

On the bay for the next week, for sale in Texas


but be sure to look at all pictures carefully, as all is not what it could be.