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Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Got a bit carried away gushing about that magazine yesterday. Too busy salivating over the pictures to fully read the article. There's a paragraph describing the 57 T100RR towards the end, the author staes that it was almost the same bike as the RS but with a bolt on hardtail. That is not the case at all, this is a genuine 57 RR frame, pretty much the same as any stock rigid Triumph frame. It's got the late Tiger 100 rear section with the rear set footrest mounts, the front section is interesting, it has the 6T type keyhole in the back post but check out the bigger top bearing and the lower stiffening on the headstock. 
I have sent a "Dear Sir, unaccustomed as I am in writing to motorcycling publications...........blah, blah" So we'll see what they say.