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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Start of The Trip Out Build Off Build

Going to be building a swinging arm bike for the Trip Out Biker Build Off. It'll make a change and there was a '56 Thunderbird frame looking to be turned into a bike.

Ain't really used to setting up rear muddies on these new fangled bikes with suspendies on the rear, all too bloody complicated when things can move around back there. How to mount it so things don't come together during that Great Escape moment jumping the hedge at Scald End Farm? 
The eye centers on the shocks are 330 mm, a quick phone call to Hagon's revealed that the max travel is 80mm, sooo the shortest the shocks will ever be is 250mm. Puck knocked up some temporary struts at 250mm and they were put on in place of the shocks.

The Enfield wheel in there is a 19" rather than the 18 that will go in, this means the muddie can be sat straight on top of the tyre and the mounts measured and fitted where it sits, giving the proper clearance when the shocks go back on. 

Sniped a lovely gearbox off of the Bay of broken dreams, got all the signs of being rebuilt, the seller reckons it was under his bench for 30 years.Slotted in a treat and shows the frame is pretty straight.

Slipped in a set of 10 degree raked yokes using taper roller bearings, far easier, but in some ways less satisfying than pissing about with greasy balls!

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  1. nice plan Quaffy old chap..hope to see the build for real in September. Good luck and toodle pip