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Monday, 14 December 2015

Tiger 100 Bronze Head

Saw this 1939 Tiger 100 at a show in the Summer. 
Absolutely brimming with desirable bits, period McCandless swinging arm rear end, 1 gallon oil tank, original 4" removable end cap megaphones......and the rarest of rarities in the Triumph world the fabled bronze head. This was the first time I had seen one on the road and being used,and being used with some vigour I should add.
My plan was to write a post about this piece of cylinder topping exotica, but searching the web reveals information on them is as thin on the ground as the heads themselves.

Produced as an optional extra 1n 1939 and early 1940, up until the factory in Coventry was destroyed by the Luftwaffe.

It is believed that slightly fewer than 300 were produced during this period.

The last time I saw one for sale went for £3,200 on the bay of fools about 5 years ago.

If anybody can fill in any of the gaping holes in this description please get in touch.


  1. Regarding your recent post.......MORE!....please

  2. Hi, for what it's worth that is my old Triumph. I bought it in the late 70s when I was at art college, drove it everyday for years as my only transport, toured round France and sold it around 25 years later. If you look closely at the magdyno, I converted its mounting system to a matchless one, which clamps it down from the top instead of the ungetatable 4 bolts under its base plate. It went through many guises, especially with the front forks as I tried to keep it going with little or no money. I've got some photos of it in various guises. A lovely bike. I have very fond memories of it.