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Monday, 20 February 2017

Ed Fisher's 40A Bike

I've been studying this picture of a young Mr Fisher for longer than is probably good for me. I've always wanted to piece together something that pays tribute to the bike, but never had a frame suitable.

The frame is now here, James Holland has taken the two odd halves of a frame that I sent to him and jigged them into a mating pair. This will now be the foundation of the tribute Tiger 100.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

A Fine Pair of Double Ds

A few posts below this one shows a Parilla Tacho that I confessed my lust over. In the year or so since that post moves have been afoot. I have had a pair of Bantam Speedos reworked and am now the proud of owner of this fine pair. Both are calibrated for use on Triumph Twins, the Speedo to a pre unit gearbox drive, and the Tacho has been modified for a timing case drive.
I think, just maybe, that this is the only pair like this in existence.