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Sunday, 18 August 2019

1967 B44 Rear Brake Shennanigans

This is the rear brake pedal arrangement on a 1967 BSA B44.

By 1967 the threat to the British motorcycle industry was not something that was hiding somewhere over the far distant eastern horizon, it was, in fact. a clear and present danger to the very survival of the industry itself.
Including the pedal and various washers there are 27 components that go into this assembly alone! Whilst their passion for maintaining good and solid engineering principles can be applauded, the cost in parts and labour must have been very high, and this is a pattern carried on throughout the bike.
At 441cc this bike was in direct competition with the fabled Honda CB450 "Black Bomber" and, one suspects, had to be sold at a loss to bring the price down to compete on the showroom floors.

We all know what happened 5 years later!

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